All our employees, regardless of their position or duties, are working with passion, love and professionalism, in order to attain the company's goals by offering continuous service to our customers' needs. Their work gets more effective with the help of new technologies and thanks to continuing education. Our driving force is the People. Behind any system or facilities and tools, we find people who are working and their collective efforts, give them life, value and results. Therefore we believe and invest in human resources and Value.

While with the advanced and SAP program computer system that has evolved and adapted to our needs by the IT department of our company, we further enhance our collective effort.

With the assistance of all the above tools, in the least possible time, both company’s private trucks as well as many big and small cooperating trucks deliver daily more than 400 orders throughout Greece. Our existing structures and sophisticated systems are giving to the company the ability to consistently implement its objectives and seek new ideas and solutions in the most challenging and competitive economic environment. We are and will remain close to our customers in every problem and need, offering tirelessly, our services and our products.


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