A&G was created in this know form in 1998, after the commercial acquisition of a part of Aggelidis SA shares, by Fotis Georgakopoulos.

In 1999, Lamprakis Press and Pigassos, with share capital increase, entered A&G with a percentage of 50%, and made A&G in charge of covering the needs of paper of these organizations for 3 years.

In 2001 the subsidiary of “Interhart SA” was created for the service of its clients in Graphic Arts Paper for the region of Northern Greece.

In 2003, after 10 years of successful cooperation, A&G acquires Metaxas Special Papers.

In the following years, the company is growing in Photocopying paper, Cardboards, Photovoltaics, Book Trade and Office & Stationery items.

In 2017 the company proceeds to the incorporation of the commercial activity of the well-known envelope company "Ion. Aim. Kotsonis SA ".

Reaching today, A&G, having a strong commercial activity of more than 65 years in the Paper and Cardboard industry, remains one of the most trusted, quality and dynamic companies in the field. This success stems from the loyalty and dedication of its people in the effort to fully serve the customer

All its product infrastructure is housed in privately-owned facilities in Kryoneri Attica, built since 2001, that are meeting all the necessary temperature and humidity requirements to better store the paper while they are creating the ideal working environment for employees as well. This is due to the geothermal systems of the building that have been implemented in cooperation with the University of Athens and co-funded by the EU.

At the same time since 2009, it operates the branch of Thessaloniki in 2010 the branch of Crete.  All these establishments are creating an organized sales and distribution network in order to cover adequately the entire territory of Greece as soon as possible.

Therefore, the existing structures and the state-of-the-art systems, enable the company to consistently implement its goals and to seek new ideas and solutions in the most challenging economic environment.