A&G is collaborating with the most reliable suppliers all over the world. At the same time, with the use of the most sophisticated systems, it manages to be ready to offer all the necessary quantities of goods that its customers need and that are capable of covering the market in all categories of merchandise: Paper, Cardboard, Wrapping, Bookbinding, Books and Envelopes.

In this way, 16.500 tons of all the above items or approximately 26.000 references, are stored in our warehouses nationwide (a total of 7 warehouses, 30.500m²). These spaces meet all the necessary conditions for better storage and warehousing, whereas at the same time, they are also configured in the best way so that they can serve the customers at competitive prices.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of our customers in different sheet and roll shapes, we have at our disposal the most modern machines for paper & cardboard cutting and processing in order to process and/or convert:

  • role into a smaller width and/or diameter role,
  • role into sheet of any dimension, as well as
  • sheet into a sheet of smaller dimension.


Still, with the existence of the bundling machine we can bundle the requested products if required.

Finally, if our customer does not have the required warehousing space available, we can provide him with the warehousing of the goods he has ordered, in our own warehouses.